Angelo Filomeno -  MSc(Eng), BSc(Hons), MICE, C.Eng,
Geology & Soil Mechanics -unit 32

            _4 Soil Compaction Tests
            _9 Soil Insitu Tests

Sustainable Use of Soils

Soil Field tests --Penetrometer Cone
                                                 2.  Three phase model 
                                                                                       supplemntary notes I
                                                3. Attenberg Limits
                                                4. Compaction Tests 
                                                                                       Supplementary notes II

Video Lectures:
6_ series of lectures --TBC
13.1_ Determination of Liquid limit & Plastic limit
13.2_Liquid limit, Plastic limit & Plasticity
13.3_Attenberg tests (LL & PL)
14_ cone penetrometer
15.1_Consolidation Tests
15.3_Standard Proctor compaction test
16_California Bearing Ratio (CBR) value test
17.1_Direct shear test
17.2_ Direct shear test
18_triaxial shear test
19_Mhor Circle
20_Wate movement in soils

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